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May 19, 2008

Alabama a Done Deal for Volkswagen?

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, heard from an anonymous yet reliable source that Volkswagen will choose Limestone County, Ala. for its first U.S. plant in 20 years. The source is the same person who tipped us off about Kia picking West Point, Ga. for its first North American assembly plant and Hyundai choosing Montgomery, Ala. for its first plant. At the time of the Kia prediction two years ago, after hearing from our source, even the Atlanta Journal Constitution had no idea the Korean automaker was even looking in Georgia.

Both the Kia and Hyundai predictions were correct and and Southern Business & Development magazine were the first media outlets worldwide to report the sites of both projects. Other sources and simple common sense were responsible for SB&D and correctly picking the sites for Mercedes-Benz in 1993, Toyota in San Antonio in 2003 and Nissan in Canton, Miss. in 2000. Note that we incorrectly picked the sites for Honda in 1999 (but got the state right) and Toyota last year in Blue Springs, Miss.

While this particular source has been dead-on each time, did its due diligence and checked out other sources before publishing the Kia and Hyundai predictions. The difference between the Volkswagen site pick and Kia's and Hyundai's is that the source informed us during a weekday regarding those two Korean-based assembly plants. This time (the Volkswagen search) we were contacted by our source on a Saturday.

We will give you further details as we are sure to receive more information today and as the week progresses regarding the Volkswagen project.

Michael Randle

An "Anonymous" Reader Letter

Good afternoon,

I appreciate the cheeky style of your website and agree with most of what you say. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on a few points though.

First the USAF tanker deal was always a "winner take all" program as the support costs for two very different aircraft was no match for any  DOD budget. True, Boeing arrogantly screwed the pooch on a business that was theirs to loose.

Secondly, Honda has not exactly had sterling success with two of their southern locations. Honda South Carolina in Timmonsville, SC was a problem case for many a year and the success of the Honda plant in Lincoln was and is qualified. I've had the Honda purchasing folks tell me that Lincoln (Alabama) would be their last southern location.

Lastly, Michigan away form the "Blue Collar Entitlement Zone" (Flint - Detroit axis) is not rabidly pro-Union. The middle and the west of the state are rather conservative and a good employer has little to fear from unionizing efforts.

I'll be down in Georgia and Alabama next week calling on the Korean folks and I gotta admit I am truly impressed with the south and it's unique ability to keep one foot in the 19th century and one foot well into the 21st. It is an exciting place to be and yet very laid back. I'd appreciate it, should you choose to publish my comment you refer to
your source as Anonymous.


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