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Major Automotive Assembly Plants in the Southern Automotive Corridor

The Southern Auto Corridor

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Ten sizzling mid-market economies in the South

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Kentucky: The Spirit of the South

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The Incredible Strength of the Automotive Industry in the American South

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Automotive Hot Spots in the Southern Auto Corridor


Where in the World would the South's economy be without Foreign Direct Investment?


 Top 10 Deals Last Quarter

Summer 2012 Top Deals

The Southern Automotive Corridor's 10-Largest New and Expanded Manufacturing and Selected Non-Manufacturing Job Announcements

Announcements made in the Summer 2012 Quarter

Development Jobs $Inv N/E Location Description
1. General Motors 500 N/A N Austin, Texas Info technology
2. Honda 300 $115 E Lincoln, Ala. Auto assembly
3. Voestalpine Metal 220 $62 N Cartersville, Ga. Auto parts
4. Mando America 200 $200 N Meriwether Co., Ga. Auto parts
5. Henniges Automotive 200 $5 E New Haven, Mo. Auto parts
6. LMV Systems 150 $42 N Liberty, Mo. Auto parts
7. Sewon America 150 $10 E LaGrange, Ga. Auto parts
8. Powertech America 143 N/A E West Point, Ga. Auto parts
9. TASUS 135 $19 N Florence, Ala. Auto parts
10. Toyota 125 $80 E Huntsville, Ala. Engines

($Inv. = Investment in millions - N=New; E=Expansion; R=Relocation)

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