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2008 SB&D 100 State Summary



Job 100 Job JMD Inv 100 Inv JMD Total Deals Total Points *PPM
ALABAMA 9 14 6 22 51 330 1st Place -- 71.77 Points Per Million
The State of Alabama got one for the thumb. Yep, Alabama won "State of the Year" again, getting the ring for the fifth time in six years. Alabama turned the "Deal of the Year," too, with German steel maker ThyssenKrupp along with other impressive projects. And once again it sits atop the points per million ranking. While just about every place in the state is contributing, Mobile and Huntsville are just lights out right now. 
ARKANSAS 1 6 1 2 10 60 13th Place -- 21.27 Points Per Million
Last year we wrote in this spot, "We'll be watching closely how new Gov. Mike Beebe and his new economic development team fares." Well, they fared pretty well in their first year. But we believe they are just starting. Check out Arkansas' deals in this issue's Relocation and Expansion section (page 12). The spring 2008 quarter was one of the best ever for Arkansas. But this ranking is based on 2007. While Little Rock had a record year in 2007, we'd like to see more deals in other parts of the state, which is happening so far in 2008.  
FLORIDA 8 24 5 15 52 325 16th Place -- 17.80 Points Per Million
Florida had its worst year in SB&D 100 history last year with 260 points. This year was better, but note Florida's next to last place in points per million. Florida's economy is not necessarily suffering, but it isn't flourishing either. We love some of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's green initiatives, but Florida, with a labor force of over 9 million people, needs to pick it up.
GEORGIA 7 7 2 5 21 150 17th Place -- 15.79 Points Per Million

If these figures are correct then Georgia set a record of futility in turning big deals in 2007. A last place in the per capita department is not good and neither is the fact that Atlanta has simply quit turning big deals. Either that or they have quit reporting them. Our figures show that Macon and LaGrange are performing better than Atlanta. How can that be?

KANSAS 3 3 5 7 18 130 4th Place -- 48.74 Points Per Million

With a fourth place finish in points per million residents, Kansas had a great year in 2007. The 18 deals almost matched Georgia's 21 deals. Not bad for a state with 2.77 million residents.

KENTUCKY 6 4 4 11 25 175 6th Place -- 41.27 Points Per Million

Kentucky posts yet another solid yet unspectacular year. Last year's total of 230 points was its best total in six years. But dropping down to 175 in this "100" is not as bad of a performance as some would think. Kentucky didn't fall as far as some Southern states did. A sixth place per capita finish is also worth noting. 

LOUISIANA 5 3 11 10 29 225 3rd Place -- 52.44 Points Per Million

Louisiana continues to impress following its first "State of the Year" honor last year. We gave them an "Honorable Mention" this time around and it is going to be interesting how new Gov. Bobby Jindal does. We have heard some good things about Gov. Jindal. One of those is he kept most of the key players in Louisiana Economic Development, the state's economic development department. That rarely happens when a new administration comes into power, particularly if its a different party.

MARYLAND 5 7 1 5 18 120 12th Place -- 21.35 Points Per Million

Well, it's about time. Maryland posted its second-best year since 1993 with 120 points and 18 big deals after a miserable 2007 SB&D 100. We won't even repeat their number last year, which was the worst point total of any Southern state since 1993. Eighteen big deals is really a good performance for Maryland. The state helped the D.C. region win "Mega Market of the Year."

MISSISSIPPI 6 4 7 8 25 190 2nd Place -- 65.71 Points Per Million

What an impressive year for Mississippi. Monster deals all around including PACCAR, Toyota, RTI Metals and Toyota Boshoku. A second place finish in points per million residents earns The Magnolia State its first "Honorable Mention" since 2002. Columbus and Tupelo led the state with some of the largest deals announced in the entire South in 2007. Gov. Haley Barbour is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to economic development.

MISSOURI 5 9 6 10 30 205 8th Place -- 34.92 Points Per Million

Missouri lit it up with 355 points in the 2007 SB&D 100 and a 2nd place PPM ranking. We strongly considered Missouri for "State of the Year" last year and ended up giving them an "Honorable Mention." A drop to 205 points would normally be a negative. But we remember when Missouri couldn't break the 200-mark for many consecutive years.

NORTH CAROLINA 6 10 5 5 26 185 14th Place -- 20.55 Points Per Million

After sharing "State of the Year" honors with Alabama in 2005 and 2006, North Carolina dropped back down last year. Like Georgia, this year the Tar Heel State didn't even show up. The Research Triangle region and Charlotte, to a lesser extent, didn't put up near the numbers they typically do. The Triad (Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point) had one of their best years, though. So it wasn't all bad in N.C. But a 14th-place per capita finish puts them in the same leaking boat as Florida and Georgia.

OKLAHOMA 3 6 1 1 11 75 15th Place -- 20.43 Points Per Million

Spin a wheel or flip a coin, you never know what you are going to get with The Sooner State. Oklahoma has been the poster child of inconsistency over the last 10 years. In that time, The Sooner State has earned 270 points (in 2000), 175, 170, 170, and 120 in the good years and 75, 80, 85, 70 and now 75 points in the lean years. The thing that baffles us is this: the good years and the bad years are all mixed together. Tulsa had a good year, though.

SOUTH CAROLINA 3 6 6 9 24 165 7th Place -- 37.54 Points Per Million

South Carolina is showing some consistency similar to that of Kentucky and Tennessee. Last year South Carolina posted 175 points and the 165 points put on the board this year -- in the choppy economy of 2007-- is probably more impressive. A 7th-place finish in PPM is also something to write home about. So, good job Palmetto State.

TENNESSEE 8 13 7 15 43 290 5th Place -- 47.54 Points Per Million

Tennessee is reemerging as the major player in the South that it ought to be. A 5th-place points per million ranking and almost 300 points earned equals a good year. The 43 total deals only trailed Alabama, Florida, and Texas. Got to like that!

TEXAS 15 19 32 24 90 685 10th Place -- 28.66 Points Per Million

We've been tough on Texas in recent years, even though, since hitting rock bottom during the recession of 2002 with a 300-point effort, they have improved each year. Until now. Texas topped out with 955 points in the 2007 "100." That earned them an "Honorable Mention." The economy goes sour again and Texas' points fall by almost 300 this year? When recession winds blow, Texas hides, as evidenced by a 10th place PPM.

VIRGINIA 4 17 9 7 37 250 9th Place -- 32.43 Points Per Million

Even when Virginia doesn't have a good year, it hangs in there. The 250 points posted is the same as last year, the Dominion State's lowest total since 1995. Most Southern states would take a bad year if it meant 250 points and a 9th place PPM ranking. Seventeen Just Missed Job Deals is impressive as was the Rolls Royce project.

WEST VIRGINIA 1 1 1 3 6 40 11th Place -- 22.09 Points Per Million

Even when Virginia doesn't have a good year, it hangs in there. The 250 points posted is the same as last year, the Dominion State's lowest total since 1995. Most Southern states would take a bad year if it meant 250 points and a 9th place PPM ranking. Seventeen Just Missed Job Deals is impressive as was the Rolls Royce project.

 West Virginia earned an "Honorable Mention" two years ago but its points have dropped both years since. This state usually places pretty high in points per million residents, but an 11th place ranking is disappointing.

* PPM = Points earned from deals of 200 jobs or more and/or $30 million or more in investment Per Million residents.


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